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Our Safe & Strong Packaging

1. we use a individual satin lined gift box to pack the crystal, there are soft foams under the satin to protect the crystal.

crystal satin lined gift box packing  

2. Then we put the gift box into a white paper cover, in order to prevent the box to be opened on delivery.

crystal presentation box 

3. We put soft foams into the large shipping carton, in order to make the foams surround the gift boxes.

crystal shipping carton 

4. And now when we put the gift boxes inside the shipping carton, the foams will protect them perfectly.

crystal shipping packing 

5. At last, we put a large foam on the top of the gift boxes, and the seal the carton. With this safe packing, our customer can receive the crystal and gift box in really good shape.

sealed shipping carton 


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Crystal Gift BoxCrystal Awards Trophies Line

"You guys always care customer requirements, the crystal trophies arrived in good shape, good job! "

- Jon Clark


"Many of our customers are attracted by those beautiful crystal paperweights, and we will buy more and more from your company, thank you very much. "

- Emma Campbell


"Our customer liked this award very much, and they would like to proceed some new incentive programs with us, I really appreciate the great job you've been doing. "

- Linda Rubel