Crystal 3D Laser Engraving

What is 3D Laser Engraving?

3D Laser Engraving is a engraving method to etch custom logo, text, slogan or image inside a special crystal shape (like crystal cube, crystal block or crystal polygon), any 2D image or 3d artwork is available to be engraved inside the crystal through 3d laser engraving.

3D Laser engraving need special engraving format but our 3d designers can set up the artwork for our customers, you can just send us the design, image or text (which you want to be engraved) to us, and our designer will check them and handle them. For simple designs, we will not charge you any set up cost, for complex designs, we will charge you some set up cost (cost depends on the design), but we can make it for free if you place a large quantity order.

Below is the process of LASER ENGRAVING:

3D Laser Engraving:

1. Customer send us the image, text or artwork like the below design:

3d laser engraving logo

2. Our 3d designer will set up the special 3d laser engraving artwork based on this logo:

3d laser engraving artwork

3. At last, we use our top quality 3d laser engraving machine to etch the artwork inside the crystal block:

3d laser engraving machine, 3d laser engraving crystal