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crystal plaque with 3d laser engraved custom logo and brand

Item number.: LS3D1012-001
Description.: crystal plaque with custom Suzuki logo engraved inside, 3d laser etched crystal plaque. optical crystal plaque with flat bottom.
Packaging.: each crystal plaque packaged with a satin lined gift box. Bespoke box is available.
Material.: optical crystal / optic crystal / optic glass
Quality.: top quality optical crystal, Grade A
Dimensions.: 127mm x 127mm x 35mm, bottom flat spot, 45mm x 35mm, other sizes are available.
Delivery Method .: by sea, by air parcel or by DHL.
Lead Time .: 5-15 days depends on quantity.

Custom-designed 3d artwork or 2d artwork can be laser engraved inside.

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